How COVID-19 May Effect Your Event

As you likely know, gathering restrictions were put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19.  As of Nov 7, 2020, Ontario adopted a colour coded system for regional restrictions.  As of that date, we are operating within the “Orange / Restrict” part of that plan based on the health Unit we fall under.

You can find the source of this information on the Ontario Government website on page 13 of the document.

Some further clarifications on this based on other announcement that have been made.

  • Maximum of 50 people gathered in an indoor space, like our barn, maximum of 100 people gathered at an outdoor space. (Official Ontario Info)
  • As a staffed and monitored business, we are not subject to the “back yard” restrictions of 10 people indoors, 25 people outdoors. (Official Ontario Info)
  • As a business located in Simcoe County we are not subject to the specific regional restrictions of 10 people indoors, 25 people outdoors. (Official Ontario Info on Toronto, Ottawa and Peel) (Official Ontario Info on York Region)
  • Those gathering numbers do not include event staff
  • People at the event must maintain social distancing of 2 meters, within the context of Social Circles
  • It was noted that these restrictions are in effect for the foreseeable future.  In addition to 2020 events, those planning 2021 events should consider these restrictions to be in effect for their events until an update has been made

What does this mean for your event at Fermanagh Farms?

  • As always, we are committed to providing a safe, clean, comfortable space for our event hosts, groups and guests.
  • Events will only proceed within the context of Public Health Guidelines as of the day of the event
  • Events that can not meet within those guidelines will need to be postponed or cancelled as per our Cancellation Policies
  • People at the event must maintain social distancing of 2 meters, within the context of Social Circles.  This mean that people in the same Social Circle or immediate family may be closer that 2 meters, but individuals or not of the same Social Circle or immediate family must stay 2 meters apart.  This also means that ceremony and receptions seating is best organized by Social Circle or immediate family groupings each separated by 2 meters.  For receptions, this means that Social Circle groups or immediate families be sat all at the same table and that tables be kept 2 meters from each other.
  • People are required to wear masks in indoor spaces and are highly encouraged to wear masks in outdoor spaces and when it is not possible to maintain social distancing.
  • We screen guests upon arrival to ensure they have a mask, are healthy (basic COVID health questions) and are on the guest list.
  • Custom made masks are a great option for your guests and can be got through Amazon or other providers.
  • We understand that a large tent without walls is considered an outdoor event space.  The barn indoors can accommodate up to 50 people seated at tables for a reception.  A tent without walls will be required for a larger seated reception up to the max of 100 people.
  • A tent may not be required, or a tent of smaller size may serve if a reception that is not seated is desirable.  


Effects on Barn Venue Tours

  • We will maintain social distance during your Venue Tour
  • While most of our tour will be outdoor and with lots of space to keep social distance, you are welcome to bring masks as per your comfort level.
  • Please book a Venue Tour Here.


If you Questions, Contact Us.